Essential oils, the pure essence of a plant, have been found to provide both psychological and physical benefits when used correctly. We offer a large selection of 100% pure, certified organic and high-quality essential oils from farm to bottle. Essential oils are the true concentrate vital life energy of the plant, highly volatile substance the pour out quickly their aroma into the air.
The steam stream process extracts only the most refined compounds from the plant. These highly concentrated healing oils are used for aromatherapy, as natural raw materials, for cosmetics, for pharmaceuticals because of their healing and aromatherapy properties. But also as flavouring of foods and beverages to simple and astounding restorations in physical and emotional well-being. High ability to be absorbed by the oral, dermal or respiratory. Used for the production of natural perfumes for the healing of emotions or increasing sensual delights, among others … Useful in hygiene of the person and the environment. Organic essential oils certified for alimentary use too. The available packagings vary in size depending on the yield of processed plants. We market only our own company products.
They delight everybody and serve the purposes for which intend them to be used. The inhaled aroma from these essential oils is widely believed to stimulate brain function. Essential oils can also be absorbed through the skin, where they travel through the blood stream and can promote whole-body healing

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