sale atelier

Our in-house sales shop has the whole assortment of our products

The Casalvento estate carries out tourist-environmental educational activities aimed at appreciating the natural beauty that this place, unique in Tuscany, offers due to its position and its spaces.

The tourist who wants to live the real world for a day, an olfactory experience (from the cultivation of flowers, to the extraction of essences up to the creation of a personalized perfume) must contact us.

Our Visitor Center offers various tourist routes: excursions to the production areas, distillation of medicinal plants, olfactory education and guidance in the preparation of a perfume.

Subject to necessary reservations, hundreds of visitors access the estate every year to visit it or to directly purchase the company’s products. Reservations are made directly by our staff.

In the Casalvento shop you will find all the company products for sale

It is not possible to freely access any part of the property.

Film and photographic recordings for both direct and indirect commercial purposes are expressly prohibited. Pursuant to current laws, the use of images must be authorized in writing by the property.