With just a few drops … all the Mediterranean bouquet. The diffuser of essences we created at Casalvento are original and exclusive. Nothing in synthetic, just ceramic, cotton towels, sponges, flowers, woods or grape seeds to make natural use of our products in any environment. A different way to furnish and complement modern space with all sorts of space. We offer innovative solutions to spread the fragrances, consult us for more details. The drips in each package allow you to easily scale any essential oil you want to use.

Blue organza bag with 40 grams of lavender flowers

Organic Lavender Flowers Bags

To perfume, like in the past, cabinets and linens. Obtained from 3 different organic types of dried and ventilated Lavender flowers.

Wine-colored organza bag with grape seeds and two yellow glass pharmaceutical bottles of home fragrance "Pomeriggioin Toscana" and "Casalveto 31 essential oils"; yellow card with the inscription: "Lavanda del Chianti". White background

Grapeseed Bags

Dried and steam sterilized grape seeds. Apples of essential oils spread the perfume in your home naturally and lastingly.

On a bright background, the detail of a cotton towel with an embroidered bunch of lavender flowers and a small bottle of home fragrance with the inscription: "Afternoon in Tuscany"

Afternoon in Tuscany

Mixture of pure essential oils of Lavender, Patchouly, Vetyver and Eucalyptus. Remember the warm scent of a summer afternoon in Tuscany. It does not contain solvents or alcohol.

Ceramic ring to diffuse essential oils applied on an incandescent lamp with a dosing pipette and a yellow glass pharmaceutical bottle with the inscription: "Casalvento 31 essential oils"

Casalvento 31 Oils

To be used pure for a sauna balm or to transform your bathroom into a comfortable wellness center. Mix them to our massage oil for a tonic treatment. Balsamic blend from a mix of precious essential oils