Aromatic Waters (or hydrolats) for a long time have been considered a by-product of distillation. In the Middle Ages, distillation of officinal plants provided water with a high content of water-soluble active substances widely used in medicine.
These Floral Waters have the same properties and indications of the respective essential oils, as well as holding 1-2% of them, also retain the water-soluble part of the plant. A versatile addition to any beauty routine for personal hygiene (washing babies, toning facial skin, oral rinse, deodorizing, rubbing the scalp, …) and for internal use (digestive, shooting, suppurative, balmy, …), as a fragrance for massage.
In addition to essential oils, aromatherapy encourages the use of other complementary natural ingredients including Hydrolats. Pure organic hydrolats distilled from freshly plucked flowers, hydrate and refresh the soul with their subtle aromas. 250ml bottle with natural vaporizer spray

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