Since 1962 we have committed to making only high quality products.

We are looking for contacts with resellers interested in a natural product, with the opportunity to buy directly to the surce.

This will allow you to have a profitable economic business relationship.

When purchasing the products you will also have the opportunity to get free training to undestand our natural production and increase sales success.

Perfumeries, Pharmacies, Parapharmacies, Herbalists, SPAs and Wellness Centres are our reference as local consultants who can propose our products with competence and professionalism.

Travel Agencies and Luxury Hotels can offer their customers a unique environment corner different from the usual tasting of typical products. In Casalvento the olfactory, visual, tactile experience is a pleasant reality. Possibility of purchasing directly in the company.


If you have a VAT number just formulate your requests and you will get the information and prices of the products in the catalogue

are you commercially interested in our products? contact us to receive a commercial quote